Rene Arreola fantasy art illustration My name is Rene Arreola and I am a full time artist. I create images that help tell a story. My specialty is in the realm of imaginative realism. This encompasses such genres as fantasy art, science fiction art (sci-fi art), comic book art and a couple of other themes that branch out or connect in someway to those mentioned above. My ongoing personal world-building project can be seen at

I originally come from a commercial printing background. I have 20 years experience in the printing industry with a strong knowledge base in digital prepress and graphic design. I have also drawn and painted all my life. I feel my training and experience in the commercial print world has helped to strengthen my approach for creating work, especially with an eye for design and the requirements for print reproduction (both offset and digital.)

With the world becoming increasingly more connected through computer technology and the internet, I’ve also adapted my methods of working to keep in step with the times. Today, I work almost exclusively all digital. But I do keep a steady hand on pencils, brushes and inks just to maintain my form.

If you have a commission or a project you would like to collaborate on, please contact me.


Fantasy Art Illustration – Freelance Illustration by Rene Arreola ©2019.